To generate your menu, you’ll create Menu Items and then add them to a Menu. Go to the Menu Items > Add Menu Item page in the admin dashboard. Note: The Menu Items page will appear in the left menu.

  1. Fill out the details for a Menu Item just like you would for a Page or Post. A Menu Item is one item from your menu, like a Butternut Squash Soup or Gourmet Burger.
  2. Look on the right, under the panel where you would find the Publish button, and find the Menu Sections area.
  3. You probably don’t have any menu sections set up yet, so click the link to Add New Menu Section. Add the appropriate section for this item — something like Starters, Desserts or Entrees.
  4. Go ahead and have a look around and you’ll find other sections, including one where you can set a price. Once you’re done, click the Publishbutton to publish this item.

Go ahead and create a couple more Menu Items. We’ll want at least two Menu Sections before we create the menu, so make sure you’ve added a couple items to different sections.

When you’re ready, go to the Menus > Add New Menu page in the admin dashboard and follow these steps to create your menu.

  1. Find the Menu Layout section. It should display the Menu Sections you set up earlier alongside two columns.
  2. Add a section to one of the columns by clicking on the section next to that column. Repeat the process until you’ve assigned all the sections to one or both of the columns.
  3. If you want to change the order of the sections or just remove one, click on it where it appears in the column. It will appear green where it has been “added” to the menu and grey when it is “waiting” to be added.
  4. Once you’re happy with your menu, click on the Publish button. You’ll then be able to view it by clicking the Preview Changes button, which appears above the Publish button.

You’ve got your menu set up now!

Before you can make any changes to your site, you will need to log in. The login for your site is found at the following URL –

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